Israel Agrees To 4-day Ceasefire, Hamas To Release 50 Hostages

Israel agrees to 4-day ceasefire, Hamas to release 50 hostages

Tel Aviv, Nov 22 : The Israeli Cabinet has agreed to a four-day ceasefire and a deal with the Hamas to secure the release of 50 hostages, including women and children, being held in Gaza since the war erupted on October 7.

 Israel Agrees To 4-day Ceasefire, Hamas To Release 50

However, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the Cabinet meeting late Tuesday night that the country will not stop the war.

In a statement, the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office said under the deal, the release of every additional 10 hostages will extend the pause in fighting by a day

On Wednesday morning, the Hamas said that 150 Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails will be released as part of the deal re.

The prisoners are women and children, the statement said.

The deal also involves the entry of hundreds of trucks carrying aid relief, medical supplies and fuel to all parts of Gaza, the Hamas statement added.

According to an earlier IANS report, the release of first group of hostages will take place soon.

Qatar and the US have been involved in active mediatory talks with both Israel and Hamas for a ceasefire.

Those opposed to the truce warned the Israeli Cabinet that this partial hostage deal would derail the process of securing all those in captivity and that it would complicate the military offensive against the militant group in Gaza.

Netanyahu however dismissed the scepticism and said: “ We are at war and continue to be at war until our objectives are met including destroy Hamas and all our captives are released.”

Wednesday’s development comes more than a week after a major breakthrough was reached on November 12 when the Hamas — after refusing for days — had relented in offering identifying information about several dozen hostages, such as their age, gender and nationalities.

The information confirmed that numerous children and toddlers had been taken captive on October 7.

Israeli authorities have said that there are at least 236 hostages being held in Gaza



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