Is YS Jagan Falling In Chandrababu Trap?  

First of all, we wish our all patrons, and viewers a happy Bhogi.Despite the festive onset, the AP state politics are still on the rise.

Is Ys Jagan Falling In Chandrababu Trap? - Telugu Ap Cm Ys Jagan, Chandrababu Challenge To Ys Jagan, Chandrababu Trap-Latest News-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

With TDP and YSRCP at loggerheads over the shifting of Capital and Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan too against the shifting of capital, the festival season isn’t shimmering with celebrations along the political circles.

Whatever said and done, experience plays a key role when it comes to politics.

The highs and lows a political leader see through their life surely comes to rescue when it matters.Same is the situation in the state.

With AP CM YS Jagan failing to keep a check on the ongoing Amaravati Farmers Agitation, and Chandrababu building his image, analysts caution YSRCP of rough times ahead.

In the latest development, Chandrababu challenged YS Jagan whether he is ready to go for a referendum in the state.

‘I want this government to be dissolved, and fresh elections should be called.If YSRCP comes victorious in those elections, they can go ahead with the 3 capitals policy’, said Chandrababu.

Meanwhile, political analysts opined that YS Jagan is falling into Chandrababu trap, and he has to be quite careful.