Is This The Actual Reason Why Poonam Kaur Attempted Suicide ?  

As you have heard yesterday, Kathi Mahesh has put an allegation on Pawan Kalyan and Poonam Kaur that they have entered into extra marital affair long back and Pawan referred her as handloom ambassador for the same reason.And for the reason, Poonam Kaur is defending Pawan Kalyan and also happened to express her interest to marry someone like Pawan Kalyan.

Among those 6 questions, Kathi Mahesh asked Poonam about suicide attempt and the reason behind it.He also asked her on hatred on Trivikram Srinivas.

Is This The Actual Reason Why Poonam Kaur Attempted Suicide -Gossips-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

Why do you think Poonam Kaur attempted suicide? Is it really because Pawan Kalyan ditched Poonam Kaur? Are they really in an affair?

Well, Pawan Kalyan fans have answers for those questions.According to them, Poonam Kaur was initially in consideration for the role Kamalini Mukherjee played in Jalsa.

She was elated to see the offer coming her way and has reportedly rejected quite a few offers to adjust dates for Jalsa.But Trivikram changed his mind and dropped his idea of casting Poonam.

She lost many offers in the greed for Jalsa.

This is the reason why Poonam started blaming Trivikram for her dull career.

This is the reason why she hates the star filmaker.But it was Pawan Kalyan who came to her rescue after the suicide attempt and helped her in every possible way.

Well, this is the version of Pawan Kalyan fans.

Kathi Mahesh calls it as an illegal relationship.He challenged both Pwan and Poonam to face him in a live debate.Let’s wait and see where this controversy concludes.

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