Is This Anchor Hot? Or Vulgar? You Decide!

Is this Anchor hot? Or vulgar? You decide!

Gone are the days of specific actresses dancing in item songs.These exclusive item song actresses were replaced by heroines, and even star heroines when it came to ‘item’ songs.

 Is This Anchor Hot? Or Vulgar? You Decide!

Following the footsteps of mainstream cinema star heroines, even anchors too had their share when it came to skin show.

TV Anchors Rashmi, Anasuya, and even Manjusha, did not shy away when it came to skin show.

Rashmi and Anasuya not only gained a fan following for onscreen show but also brought in some good TRPs for their TV shows.

Putting aside everything, Anasuya once again became a hot topic.

The anchor-cum-actress was seen at Zee Cine Awards flashing in a high thigh slit.While this isn’t new for trending heroine, and those wishing to catch the eye of producers, what surprised many is what is Anasuya trying to be? She did raise the heat on Twitter and Instagram for quite a while with photo-shoots.But this time around, things did not go that way.

Forget about being complimented, she was ridiculed with people calling her dressing style as vulgar and lacking taste.Twitter took dig with a hashtag Anchor Hot? Or Vulgar!


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