Is Salaar A Modification Of Ugramm?  

Reportedly, Prabhas-Prashanth Neel Salaar film is another version of Ugramm. - Is Salaar A Modification Of Ugramm?

Kannada Massy director Prashanth Neel has become a Pan-India director with his emotional and action saga, KGF.

His narrative action episodes in KGF have immensely attracted the mass audience across the country.Before, he releases KGF chapter 2, he set the entire Indian film fraternity on fire by announcing his Pan-India project, Salaar, with Prabhas. - Is Salaar A Modification Of Ugramm-General-English-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

The first look has impressed the film lovers to the core and set the bar high for its release.However, there is a strong rumour going on in film circles that Salaar is just a modification to Prashanth’s directorial debut, Ugramm.

Reportedly, due to the urgency to announce a project with Prabhas, the Ugramm director has made a few changes to his first script and modified according to the latest trend.

The caption for Salaar, which states ‘The most violent men, called one man, the most violent’ is clearly showing the characterization of Srimurali in Ugramm.

Since Prabhas has two big-budget films with Om Raut and Nag Aswin, the Bahubali star insisted Prashanth Neel to complete the movie in lesser days.Consequently, Prashanth has decided to go with the idea of remaking his own film again.

Nevertheless, it takes a few more days to get a clear understanding of this.

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