Is Pawan Kalyan Scripting His Own End In AP Politics?  

One wrong step can prove costly in politics.Though it is highly common for parties to become allies and foes overnight, leaders should always act with caution.

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If it is a party leader, things only go down the line for him.Currently, Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan is on the same page.

After coming out from TDP and BJP alliance post-2016, Pawan got closer to the left.And despite a massive following among the youth, Janasena party failed miserably in the last elections and managed to win only one seat.

Now, with Pawan Kalyan’s latest decision to ally with BJP only makes things worse for him.

‘This is what has cost him dearly in the last elections.

His alliance with BJP will further damage his reputation in the coming months.Apart from Nadendla Manohar, we don’t see anyone speaking about the party.

He doesn’t have the political intellectuals as a part of his team.He will be remembered as one, but not as a force that can make a change.

With media writing that he will star in a film only worsens the case.If he goes back on his word to star in a film by breaking his word, he shouldn’t expect people to trust him at a political level.It is doomsday for him’, said a senior political analyst.Speaking out frankly, the youth largely consider him as a film icon than a political alternative for YSRCP or TDP in Andhra Pradesh.

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