Iraqi PM Confirms The End Of US-led Combat Operation In Iraq

Baghdad : , December 30, 2012: Mustafa al-Kadhimi, Iraqi Prime Minister has announced that the US-led coalition force’s Combat mission in Iraq will be ended following the withdrawal from the country.
Al-Kadhimi tweeted Wednesday that the “Combat mission of the international alliance has ended” and said all Combat equipment had been withdrawn from Iraq.

 Iraqi Pm Confirms The End Of Us-led Combat Operation In

The Iraqi Prime Minister stated that the role of the Coalition has been reduced to support and advise according to strategic dialogue.

According to Xinhua, the Iraqi parliament passed a resolution on January 5, 2020 requiring that the government end foreign troops in Iraq.

The US and Iraq had a strategic dialogue in July 2021.During this session, both countries reached an agreement on the withdrawal of all Combat troops from Iraq.


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