Iqbal Khan Is A Huge Fan Of Gandhian Philosophy

Iqbal Khan is a huge fan of Gandhian philosophy

Mumbai, Oct 2 : On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, popular TV actor Mohammed Iqbal Khan claimed himself to be a huge fan of the philosophy of Gandhi that is now developed gradually over decades by the experiences, experiments and vision of Gandhi.

 Iqbal Khan Is A Huge Fan Of Gandhian

The actor said:”I’m a huge fan of Gandhian philosophy.It could be understood as a collection of social, religious and political ideas formulated and developed by Mahatma Gandhi himself, from 1893 to 1914 while in South Africa and later during the Indian freedom struggle.”

Iqbal known for featuring in shows like ‘Crackdown’, ‘Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai’ among others mentioned that he follows the idea of truth and non-violence that Gandhi once taught the nation.

The actor said: “Truth and non-violence are the two basic foundation blocks of Gandhian philosophy.The term ‘truth and non-violence’ is derived from Sanskrit ‘Satya aur Ahimsa’.

Gandhi would have opined, has broader meaning than mere ‘truth’.”

“Gandhi’s version of Satya meant being true to yourself and also to the world.He professed that one shouldn’t only speak truth but also be true in his/her deeds and conduct.”

‘Na Umra Ki Seema Ho’ actor continued: “Coming to non-violence or ahimsa, Gandhi saw ahimsa not only as absence of violence but also as something which entails love.He had said that if the oneness of life is a truth then committing violence on someone else is also an act of violence onto oneself and is thus self destructive.”

The actor concluded saying: “In my day to day life I believe in doing the right and leaving the rest to God and to stand for my rights but in a graceful way.There is still a lot to learn from his philosophy.”



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