Installation Of Billiards Table In Schools, \'undoubtedly\' Help In Popularity Of Game: World Champ Umadevi

Installation of billiards table in schools, ‘undoubtedly’ help in popularity of game: World champ Umadevi

Bengaluru, May 30 : Women’s World Billiards Champion R Umadevi Nagaraj feels inclusion of Billiards as a sport right from the school level will undoubtedly help in the popularity of the game.

 Installation Of Billiards Table In Schools, 'undoubtedly' Help In Popularity

Umadevi Nagaraj, the billiards and snooker player, graced an annual cricket tournament here.

“The installation of billiards tables across schools in Karnataka will undoubtedly contribute to the growing popularity of the game.This endeavour is sure to capture the attention of aspiring players and enthusiasts alike,” Umadevi Nagaraj told IANS following the conclusion of annual cricket tournament, BHIVE Premier League (BPL), conducted by BHIVE Workspace.

Team WiseLeap were crowned champions, clinching the championship trophy in the finale.The tournament followed an IPL-style format, and Team WiseLeap emerged as the winner with Team as the runners-up.

Umadevi Nagaraj also congratulated the organisers for staging the tournament to promote physical fitness.

“Congratulations to BHIVE, the world’s largest coworking space, for organizing a cricket league match that promotes physical fitness.It’s inspiring to see their commitment to fostering an active lifestyle,” Umadevi Nagaraj said.

“I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the deserving winners and runners-up.With such initiatives, I envision this tournament growing into an international sensation in the near future,” she added.

The event gave the glimpse of immense passion for cricket and the power of community engagement.

Commenting on the initiative, Shesh Paplikar, CEO & Co-Founder of BHIVE Workspace, said in a statement, “We embarked on the second season of BPL with the vision of promoting a healthy and active lifestyle that would benefit the well-being of our community.

After restricting the event to members only last year, we decided to open it to the public this year, transforming it into a robust initiative aimed at building an active and fitness-oriented community.I believe that this endeavour will serve as a shining example of how we can foster a community thatg not only excels professionally but also prioritizes physical fitness in this rapidly evolving business environment.”


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