INHUMAN – TDP Cadre Sends Back Ambulance! Chandrababu Roadshow Continues!  

In what could be termed truly as a disgrace for humanity, TDP cadre has reportedly sent back an ambulance carrying a patient fighting for his life.The horrific incident took place in the Martur Mandal of Prakasam district.

Inhuman -tdp Cadre Sends Back Ambulance Chandrababu Roadshow Continues - Telugu Stuck In Traffic Road Show Tdp Attack Stops

According to official sources, TDP Chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu took part in a roadshow.

When Chandrababu Roadshow vehicle reached the Martur junction, an ambulance approached from behind.

A Bihar native who was injured is in the ambulance, seeking immediate medical attention.The inhuman TDP cadre obstructed the path of the ambulance citing Chandrababu Roadshow.

Despite repeated requests, the TDP cadre did not allow the ambulance to pass through, forcing it to take another route.This did not go well with social media after the posts became viral.

‘Even though I support the TDP party, this cannot be appreciated.We are all humans first.Everyone should show humanity towards each other.This act of TDP cadre cannot be forgiven’, a TDP supporter said on Twitter.

Will have to wait and see how Chandrababu will react on this.