India\'s Largest Baithak

India’s largest Baithak

By IANSlife
New Delhi, Dec 3 (IANSlife) JHOOM, India’s largest Baithak, brought to you by IBTIDA-Ek Mehfil, brings the majesty of old Hindustan to modern India.As we go into the chaos of love, longing, and everything else that Sufism embodies, the event transcends time and unites every emotion.

 India's Largest

You’ll find yourself in a warm embrace as a gust of chilly wind blows by, feeling like a breeze filled with the ‘Wah, Wahs’ of other Mehfil lovers-strangers you’ve never met but whose feelings have now been merged with yours.

The event promises a melange of the forgotten and yearned for, where what stays with us is the immersive present, a blend of art, music and dance.

On this evening, the soulful voice of Harshdeep Kaur revives melodies and the magic of a bygone era.Harshdeep has sung for many Bollywood films, adding a cinematic touch to the most banal of scenes, as well as on platforms like Coke Studio.

Date: 11th December 2022

Venue: 1 AQ, Mehrauli, New Delhi, 110030

Timing: 6:00 PM onwards

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