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Smuggled into America.Seven Indians arrested at US-Canada border last week released by US border security police.


However, the process of sending them out of America has begun.

U.S.border security officials said they were taking action under the Immigration and Nationality Act.Six of the seven Indians were declared under Order of Supervision and one was released on Order of Recognition on humanitarian grounds.The U.S.Immigration and Customs Enforcement is taking further action in this case.

While.Seven Indians were captured by U.S.authorities on the U.S.-Canada border last week.Steve Sand, 47, has been charged with human trafficking.

Sand was captured between Minnesota and North Dakota on January 19, about a mile south of the US-Canada border.

He was driving a van with 15 passengers and smuggling them into America.Sand in the background.

Two Indians were unloaded at the Pembina Border Petrol Station in North Dakota.Five other Indians were detained by law enforcement officials.

It is known that a four-member Indian family who tried to enter the United States illegally died on the US-US border.

Days go by since this incident happened.

Criticisms abound of not recognizing who the dead are so far.Canadian authorities have finally opened up to this suspense.

Police found the bodies of the four.They are said to be from the Indian state of Gujarat.It has been confirmed that the family has been roaming in Canada for the past few days.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

This is considered to be a case of human trafficking.Their family arrived in Toronto on January 12, 2022.

From there he went to Emerson on January 18, according to Canadian police.The deceased have been identified as Jagadish Baldevbhai Patel (39), Vaishaliben Jagadishkumar Patel (37), Vihangi Jagadishkumar Patel (11) and Dharmik Jagadishkumar Patel (3).They all belong to the same family.

The bodies of the four were found at Emerson in Manitoba, 12 meters from the Canada-US border.

This is Dingucha village near Kalol in Gujarat.Canadian authorities say postmortem was performed on the bodies on January 26.

Doctors confirmed that the four died due to severe cold and adverse weather conditions.The news of his death was reported by Canadian authorities.Informed relatives in India.

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