Indian Healthcare Industry Needs A Change: Expert  

Indian Healthcare Industry Needs A Change: Expert - Telugu National,ians Life

By Puja Gupta
New Delhi, Oct 30 (IANSlife) With all the chaos created due to the pandemic, a change in the Indian healthcare industry is the need of the hour, feels Anita Sumra Singh, Chief Executive Officer of Chicago based Jorie Healthcare Partners which recently entered India. - Indian Healthcare Industry Needs A Change: Expert

She says: “(Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s) proposed Ayushman Bharat scheme in the Indian Healthcare system is facing a turning point at this time.With all the chaos created due to the pandemic, a change is the need of the hour.Currently, we are still to learn more about the policies and the functioning of the proposed scheme.I feel that there is potential to assist hospitals in the digitization of patient files and information as a start.”

The company provides revenue cycle management and practice management services to the US healthcare industry.It opened its first in outsourcing in India in Chandigarh a year ago.

Jorie aims to “improve the financial, practice, and operational performance of healthcare institutions to sustain long-term and measurable results”.

Adding: “As an outcome sourcing company, I feel our global expertise and defined skillset can help improve the healthcare industry of India, it could slowly move towards the healthcare system followed by the US.This step will help smooth healthcare processes and services for patients and medical institutions alike in India.”

It also works towards women empowerment and has started several programmes in its benefit, apart from reserving a certain percentage of jobs for them.It also collaborated with The PINK Foundation, an NGO that facilitates development of marginalised women in the tri-state area.

“In Chicago, we issue hire preferences to single working mothers, something that we plan to extend to the Indian arm of Jorie as well.During our hiring processes in India, we make a careful choice to ensure the percentages of female versus male staff are balanced.

She adds: “Currently, we are in the process of planning customized personality development courses where an essential part of the course will highlight mannerisms and communication skills when conversing/engaging with women employees and clients.”

Singh also serves as the President of the “Save a Mother” foundation and concentrates on educating women from remote village in India about contraception and the prevention of mortality.

“Many pregnant women in India who reside in these sections of the community do not have access to basic healthcare, or support from their families, and as a result, most do not survive child birth.‘Save a Mother’ is an initiative which has helped reduce maternal death by 95 per cent and infant mortality rate by 60 per cent and I am extremely honoured to have been a part of it for many years,” she concludes.

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