Indian Cricketer Mohammad Shami Slams Muslim Extremists     2016-12-26   02:13:54  IST  Raghu V

Couple of days ago, Indian Cricketer Mohammed Shami posted couple of pics of his wife and child in his Facebook page. Those posts went viral and became a topic of talks in social media.

All this happened because of the outrage expressed by some Muslim extremists. You can find many comments under the posts of Shami where reglious fanatics bashed Shami for posting his wife’s pic. They argue that a woman should always be in pardah. Her face should not be revealed to the world.


Other side, people with liberal mindset including Muslim liberals defended Shami’s posts and also attacked the extremists with words of wisdom. While there was so much heat and extreme words being shared between the relegious cults and liberals, Shami posted another status and pic slamming the extremists.

The Cricketer said “not everyone can achieve what I have done. Stay jealous. These two are my life and life partner. I know what to do with them and what not. We should think about ourselves, how good we are inner side”.