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There are so many strange things in our world.Everyone has some dreams to come back all over the world at least once but due to lack of money or time we can not all see, strange places are the seven wonders of the world.

 India Top Most Haunted Scary Places Telugu

Apart from these wonders, there are also horrible places in our world that some people are afraid to mention the names of those places.There are such places in India.

People there believe that ghosts and demons roam in those places.Most places in India are considered as a haunted place based on its history and certain events.Paranormal experts also agree that there are some haunted places in our country.

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Bhangra Fort is a popular tourist destination located in the Alwar District of Rajasthan Bhangra Fort is one of the most dangerous places in India There are many types of stories on the top of the fort.

There is also a warning board at the entrance outside the fort If you want to go hunting in India do not miss Bhangra Fort he beach is supposed to be a beach resort but it s your job to visit this beach This hot tourist spot is also a haunted place Used to cremate corpses The school is located in a forest near Kursiyang in West Bengal The place is considered to be a haunted place.

4 A house on St Marks Road Bangalore People in Bangalore are afraid to go towards St Marks Road because there is a ghost in a house and many people say that they have seen the ghost A woman was allegedly murdered in a house on the road

5 Delhi Cantonment New Delhi This is the most horrible place in Delhi This place is haunted by dark and green jungle

Aggression Bavoli Aloya Ghost Lights in West Bengal Hyderabad also has some awful places

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