Important Exercises For Better $ex Life  

1.Tummy vacuums

Most of us work on computers by spending hours of time in the day.

Even after office hours we either sit with our laptop or smartphone.This could lead to obesity and store excess fat in our stomach.

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A fat belly brings tiredness in intercourse.Tummy vacuums are core building exercises which can prevent such situations.

All that you have to do is sitting on a chair and placing the hands-on your knees and suck in your stomach by holding your breath for 10-12 seconds and leave.Do this exercises 5 times a day.


You might have already heard about Kegels exercises and how they are beneficial in $ex life.Kegels are renowned for giving a high to control and endurance by strengthening the pubococcygeus muscles and perineal muscles.Hear pc muscles are the muscles which stop the flow of urine and perineal support erections and ejaculation.

How to performs Kegels?

First of all, identify pc muscles by interrupting the urine flow.Once you identify the muscles start squeezing them 5-6 seconds and give some little duration of relaxation.Repeat the process 15-20 times.

3.Plank exercises

Without any doubt, missionary $ex position is most used and most common $ex position worldwide.A man needs to have powerful arms and legs to perform missionary effectively and as long as possible.

Plank exercises do help to increase stamina and endurance in the bedroom
Plank is basically a pushup exercise where you place your arms and shoulders width apart with the strong pelvis.Do performs pushups knowing your strength and limits.


Squats increase the blood flow in the pelvic region and improve the production of testosterone hormone.

You know how and why testosterone works in a male body.Take dumbbells in each hand, bend at the hips and start squatting as low as you can while you keep the back straight.

Do this exercises 15-20 times at a go.

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