Future Of Afghanistan Cricket Will Be Determined By The International Cricket Council

By Hamza Ameer Kabul, November 18 : In Afghanistan, there are uncertain circumstances and circumstances following the Taliban’s takeover.The International community is reluctant to recognize Afghanistan.

 Future Of Afghanistan Cricket Will Be Determined By The International Cricket Council-TeluguStop.com

This has put a damper on the prospects for Cricket and other sports.

The Taliban-led interim government has made it clear that women won’t be allowed to play any form of cricket.

Therefore, the International Cricket Council created a working group for determining the future direction of Afghanistan’s game.

According to the world governing body, the board is expected to discuss the current situation in Afghanistan as well as its implications for Afghanistan’s cricket.

However, the new board won’t be able see the creation of a women’s team, as required by the ICC in order for any cricket-playing nation to become a recognized member of the ICC.

Although the Afghan men’s Cricket team is a significant player in International Cricket, the country faces serious isolation due to the state of the world.This has been happening since August, when the Taliban took over.

Afghanistan’s Cricket has been plagued by the ban on women taking part in sports activities including cricket.

Cricket Australia had to cancel the test match between Afghanistan and Australia that was scheduled for Hobart.

Cricket Australia stated that it would not be playing Cricket with Afghanistan if women were not allowed to participate in the game.

According to the ICC, it intends to help Afghanistan Cricket progress in its sport.

Greg Barlay, Chairman of the ICC Board said that “The ICC Board is determined to continue to support Afghanistan Cricket in developing both men’s as well as women’s Cricket moving ahead.”

We believe that the best way to make this happen is to help our member by supporting its efforts to do this through their relationship with the new Government.

Mirwais Ashraf, the Chairman of Afghanistan Cricket Board, stated that Cricket is an inspiration, hope, and source of aspirations for over 35 million Afghans.

We will continue to have good relations with the new government and all other countries that play cricket.

“We work to offer full assistance to the ICC Board, and its Afghan working group about the ACB situation.”

Taliban leaders claim they don’t plan to repeat any of the harsh rules that were used during their time as rulers.This is a claim which has yet to be made on ground in regard to rights for women and employment.

The ICC chose to wait and see for Afghanistan.It will be asking its working board for recommendations to determine if Afghanistan should remain a full member of the ICC.


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