IANS Review: “Raja Vamsam”: A Family Drama That Is Out Of Touch With Reality (IANS Rating : **1/2).

By Manigandan K.R.Film: Raja Vamsam (Playing at theatres).Duration: 155 minutes.

 Ians Review: “raja Vamsam”: A Family Drama That Is Out Of Touch With Reality (ians Rating : **1/2).-TeluguStop.com

Director: K.V.Kathirvelu.Cast: Sasikumar and Nikki Galrani.Yogi Babu and Manobala.Radharavi and Sathish.
IANS Rating: **1/2

K.V.Director K.V.

The story centers around Kannan (Sasikumar), a team leader at an IT company in the city and his large family, which includes 44 members who still live in their home.

The family bonds are strong, and the hero is, according to them, the apple of their eyes.

It is difficult to find a girl who can meet the expectations of such large families.

Kannan is given the task of completing a Rs 5,000 crore project in three months, even though the family is busy with bride hunting.

To stop Kannan from completing his project, rival owners conspire to create evil strategies.The film tells the story of Kannan’s escape from them and his search for a bride.

The film fails to connect with viewers because the incidents depicted in it are exaggerated and far removed from reality.Take this scene, where the boss of the hero tells him that they are about to lose the project because the time they have been given for it has been reduced from three months to one month.

Kannan assures his boss that they can still complete the project on schedule if all members of his team work 16 hours per day instead of the eight hours required.Everything is fine up to this point.

The plot loses credibility when the next part happens.Instead of choosing to work alongside his team, Kannan returns to his hometown to tell his family that he is in love.

Even that is acceptable.However, one would expect him to return to the city at least the next day with Nikki Galrani, his office colleague.

But they aren’t! They stay on and even get married, blissfully unaware of the difficult project they have chosen!

This is just one example of the many instances in the film where Reality is not being represented.It loses your attention.

The film features a stellar star cast and some excellent performances from its lead actors Nikki Galrani and Sasikumar.Sam C.S.Sam C.S.does a competent job providing the background music for the film.Siddharth’s visuals are stunning.

These pluses are not enough to make up for a difficult plot.

Simply put, “Raja Vamsam” is a frustrating family Drama that lacks a foundation in reality.

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