I Was Paid Rs 250 Per Day – DISCO RAJA Villain Bobby Simha  

Common people throng to theatres to see their star actors on the silver screen.While few are lost in that euphoria, others make them as their idols and start working towards them.

I Was Paid Rs 250 Per Day – DISCO RAJA Villain Bobby Simha-Assault Sethu Jigirthanda Bobby Simha Disco Raja Ravi Teja Disco Movie

Few succeed, and many fail, but the spirit never dies despite generations going by.Hardly one out of few thousands succeeds in making to the big screen.

Disco Raja villain Bobby Simha too had a story to share with us.The actor rose to fame with ‘Assualt Sethu’ character in the Tamil film ‘Jigirthanda’.

The movie brought him cult status and helped in getting him roles in Rajinikanth’s Peta, and Kamal Hassan’s upcoming film ‘Bharateeyudu 2’.

The actor went on to say, ‘Like everyone, even I too struggled a lot during my initial days.

My pay was Rs 250 as a junior artist.Out of that, I spent Rs 50 giving a small party to friends.

During those days, I always used to stand behind the hero, and my character was gone in a blink of an eye.That did not deter me.I worked hard, and been working hard’, he said.Talking about how he matched with Ravi Teja’s energy on screen, ‘Ravi Teja is full of energy.

However, as every battery has a plus and a minus, there should also be a balance on screen.I carefully observed Ravi Teja bring out the balance’, said Disco Raja villain Bobby Simha.

Varun Tej reprised the role played of ‘Assault Sethu’ in his film Gaddhala Konda Ganesh, which is the official remake of Jigirthanda.Disco Raja is all set to hit the screens on 24th January 2020.

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