I Was Drugged, Raped, And Held As A Captive – Pop Singer Duffy  

British pop singer Duffy ruled the charts at her prime.Her single Mercy, release in 2008, topped the UK charts and brought her name and fame.

I Was Drugged, Raped, And Held As A Captive – Pop Singer Duffy

Duffy received a Grammy award for Mercy.Post that, no one never knew about Duffy’s whereabouts.

Her fans lost the hope of seeing her favourite singer in their life.Surprisingly, one journalist did not lose hope.

He managed to reach Duffy, who was completely broken and shattered and started recovering recently.Duffy came in front of the media for the first time in a decade, to narrate her story.

‘I was drugged and raped, and later was held as a captive for a few days before I was dumped.During my captivity, they raped me multiple times.

My survival is still a miracle for me, after all, that I had gone through.The journalist someone managed to reach me, and I told him everything last summer.

He helped me in gaining the courage to come out and tell all my fans and well-wishers about my sudden disappearance.Trust me, I am OK and feeling safe now’, Duffy said.

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