I Support Non-Gandhi Congress Chief: Priyanka Gandhi

In an interview, Priyanka has supported Rahul’s call for Non-Gandhi Congress Chief.

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From decades, it has been an impression in people’s mind that Congress party is the synonym of Gandhi Family.

Many times, the opposition has reiterated it to gain upper hand over the elections.Keeping in mind, Rahul Gandhi has stepped out as Congress president after the failure in 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

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Also, he believed a nonGandhi congress chief should be appointed as Congress president.

His sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has also backed his statement and said Congress should find its path.

Talking in an interview in the book, India Tomorrow: Conversations with the Next Generations of Political Leaders, she said she accepts Non-Gandhi chief as her leader if selected and follow his/her orders respectfully.

It is known news that Sonia Gandhi has claimed the leadership of Congress after Rahul Gandhi backed out.

There are widespread rumours that almost 100 leaders of the party have signed a letter to Sonia Gandhi to seek a change in the leadership.However, the party officials have condemned it and said it’s a ploy of BJP to divert people’s attention.