I Must Die Quickly For Those Who Hate Me! RGV Shocking‌ Tweet!

I must die quickly for those who hate me! RGV Shocking‌ Tweet!

Sensational director Ram Gopal Varma wants to be unique by thinking differently in any matter.Verma’s style of responding sarcastically to context.That’s what makes him stand out in the news.On the other hand, he has said on many occasions that he does not like to celebrate festivals like everyone else.

 I Must Die Quickly For Those Who Hate Me! Rgv Shocking‌ Tweet!-TeluguStop.com

As well as festive greetings, he also said he did not like to say wishes.There are no records of him wishing for any festival in the past.

However, Verma surprised everyone by saying fresh Sankranthi greetings.

RGV posted a series of tweets on the occasion ‘Sankranthi best wishes to all.You should be blessed with a house, money, and status beyond Mukesh Ambani.You should never, ever get infected with any virus.

May all men get the most beautiful woman in the world.Similarly, girls need to find handsome guys.Husbands should not be harassed by wives.Your wives should be good to you no matter what you do or do not do.Sankranthi greetings to all directors and producers.Your small films should be a bigger success than Bahubali.

I want to die soon for those who hate me, “he said in his own style.

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