I have sold that for money, Hansika     2014-08-02   09:57:09  IST  Raghu V

Hansika baby is missing in Tollywood since few years came in to news for a good reason. Currently she is busy with Power Movie shooting the movie set to release in September some time.

Hansika is a good painter since her childhood; this habit become professional sometimes added many paintings in her home as well. One of her friend who visited her home admired with the paintings of Hansika and bought one for fifteen lakhs. Hansika has rejected that cheque and asked to issue on a orphanage which managed by her since few years. This news become popular after her love breaks. Her fans are happy about this and busy in sharing this news in social networks.

Hansika Power movie is set to release in next month in which she first time casted opposite to Ravi Teja. The movie is directed by KS Ravindra based on romance and action similar to Raviteja Mirapakai.