Hyderabad : No Separate Terminal For Haj Pilgrims At RGI Airport

Hyderabad : No separate terminal for Haj pilgrims at RGI airport

The Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) authorities has decided to abandon its plans for a separate terminal for Haj pilgrims.Last year, the airport was unable to provide this special facility due to ongoing expansion work.

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However, breaking away from tradition, even for the upcoming Haj season in 2023, pilgrims will not be departing from a dedicated terminal.

The Hyderabad airport administration has clarified the new arrangements for Haj pilgrims.

Instead of a separate terminal, they will now be accommodated alongside international passengers.This decision aims to streamline the departure process and create a more integrated experience for all travellers.

The Hyderabad airport administration has issued a clarification stating that Haj pilgrims will depart alongside general passengers, with the provision of four special counters for their convenience in the international terminal.There will be no dedicated Haj Terminal at the Airport.

Commencing on June 7 and extending until June 22, the anticipated departure of Haj pilgrims from Hyderabad is set to witness an approximate count of 5,200 individuals embarking on their spiritual journey.These pilgrims will travel to Jeddah, and their return leg will commence from Madina, with the final batch projected to arrive in Hyderabad on August 2, following a journey that commences on July 13.

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