Hyderabad Girl Kidnapped and raped from 17 months     2013-09-18   09:06:52  IST  Raghu V

Today total Hyderabad was shocked by the revelation of a 20-year-old student of a polytechnic institute who was confined and raped for 17 months by the owner of the college canteen. Accused Satya Prakash Singh, 34, a native of Bihar, who runs the canteen at TRR College of Technology at Meerpet, allegedly drugged the victim and tied her up in his flat for over a year. The girl, a resident of Riyasatngar in old city, was kept in different houses on the outskirts of the city since April and raped repeatedly by Singh. Singh kept shifting the girl from one house to another on the outskirts of the city and raped her repeatedly The girl is a student of a private polytechnic college and the kidnapper the owner of the canteen in the same college. On April 3, 2012, Satyaprakash Singh drugged and kidnapped her from the college and kept her under captivity for 17 months, tortured and raped her According to a news channel, the girl mentioned in her statement that she was given a fruit juice laced with sedatives at the canteen on April 03, 2012.The girl also told the police that Satyaprakash had impregnated her and forced to undergo abortion at a local hospital. All the while he threatened to kill her and said that he had done the same thing to four other Muslim girls.. In another shocking revelation, the 20-year-old girl said that on one occasion, hearing her shouts for help the people in the neighbourhood had alerted the police. Three policemen, who came along with Satyaprakash, instead of rescuing her, raped her. The Andhra Pradesh State Human Rights Commission has ordered an investigation into the incident.