Hustle And Bustle At The World Spiritual Center Puttaparthi!

Politicians are now exploding bullets of words.Puttaparthi, An area with a special place in service activities along with the world Spiritual map.There is nothing here but the name Sairam.This place is always calm with the contemplation of Sai devotees from abroad.

 Hustle And Bustle At The World Spiritual Center Puttaparthi!

That is why Puttaparthi is also known as Prashanthi Gram.The politicians here have forgotten the innate importance and ignited the political fire.

Puttaparthi MLA Sridhar Reddy is on one side and all other parties, including former minister Palle Raghunatha Reddy, are on the other side.

The controversy is that the cemetery in Puttaparthi is in the middle of the village.

It also covers an area of just two acres.This is not enough for the Puttaparthi population.However, due to some vacant space, the authorities decided to build an urban health center there.This is the decision that is now on fire.

Opposition groups called into question the health clinic.It is also debatable whether anyone will build a hospital in the cemetery.

Puttaparthi has also been raising concerns over the same issue for two weeks.They also called for a bandh.

Former minister Palle Raghunath Reddy, who was going to the bandh, was also arrested.MLA Sridhar Reddy says that a health center will be built here.There is also some logic to this.The cemetery which was 7 acres in the past .came to one acre during the TDP rule.These remarks made by the present MLA Sridhar Reddy have provoked further outrage.

Former minister Palle also reacted on the same level.BJP leaders reacted similarly.

Warned that the consequences would be different if touched.Opposition groups called for the beleagured PM to resign.

Political parties are making a fuss around the cemetery in the peaceful village.It remains to be seen whether this controversy will take another turn.

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