Huge Cache Of Arms Found In Gaza School, Claims Idf

Huge cache of arms found in Gaza school, claims IDF

Tel Aviv, Nov 18 : Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on Saturday claimed to have found huge cache of arms and ammunition from a school in Gaza.

 Huge Cache Of Arms Found In Gaza School, Claims

The IDF said that its elite Dovdevan unit conducted the raids at a high school and found military equipment along with arms and ammunition from the high school.

The IDF said that it also killed several Hamas members during the raids at the school.

The Israel army has been maintaining that Hamas was using hospitals and schools as a cover for its military commands and were using civilians as human shields.

The IDF has also claimed to have recovered alleged arms from the premises of Gaza’s biggest hospital Al-Shifa during the raids.

The Al-Shifa Hospital management and the Gaza Ministry of Health have denied the allegations of the hospital being as a command centre for the Hamas.



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