Honduras Recalls Ambassador To Israel (ians In Israel)

Honduras recalls Ambassador to Israel (IANS IN ISRAEL)

Tel Aviv, Nov 4 : Joining a growing list of countries, Honduras became the latest nation to recall its Ambassador to Israel for consultations in the wake of the war in Gaza.

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In a post on X late Friday, Honduran Foreign Affairs Minister Enrique Reina said: “Given the serious humanitarian situation the Palestinian civilian population suffered in the Gaza Strip, the government of President Xiomara Castro has decided to immediately recall Mr.Roberto Martinez, ambassador of the Republic of Honduras in Israel, to Tegucigalpa for consultations.”

Honduras wants a ceasefire to be declared in the Gaza Strip and a humanitarian corridor to be opened to allow the supply of aid and for peace negotiations to begin, he said.

“Depending on how the situation in Gaza evolves, the positions considered appropriate will be taken,” he added.

Earlier this week, Bolivia severed its diplomatic relations with Israel, citing the Palestinian death toll in Gaza due to the continued airstrikes, while Jordan, Chile, and Colombia have all recalled their ambassadors.

On Thursday, Bahrain announced that it had suspended economic ties with Israel in wake of the ongoing war in Gaza, adding that the country’s envoy to the Jewish nation has also returned home.

Israel and Bahrain had normalised their ties in 2020 under the so-called us-brokered “Abraham Accords”.

In a statemen, the Arab nation’s Council of Representatives that the decisions confirmed Bahrain’s support of the Palestinian cause and the legitimate rights of the Palestinians.

However, Israel insisted that no such decision was made and that ties between the two countries remain “stable”.



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