Hindupuram Should Declared As District Balakrishna

Hindupuram Should Declared as District Balakrishna

There has been a mixed response to the formation of new districts in AP.There are objections to new districts, changes and additions in many places.Overall, however, the response to the new districts has been good.Hindupuram TDP MLA, Hero Balakrishna today responded to this.

 Hindupuram Should Declared As District Balakrishna-TeluguStop.com

A video to this effect has been released.

Balakrishna said in a video message that he welcomed the new districts formed by the government in AP.It is not good to do politics on this.Also responding to Sri Sathyasai district set up as Puttaparthi center in Anantapur district .he asked the government to set up a district center in Hindupuram constituency instead.He recalled that he had appealed to the government in the past on this.

Balayya said he was once again appealing to the government on this.

On the other hand, Balayya did not respond to the NTR district set up by the government as part of the formation of new districts.

NTR family members, like his sisters Purandeswari and Nandamuri Ramakrishna are responding.Balayya did not respond.

Balayya said he only welcomed the formation of new districts instead.With this, there is a debate as to why Balayya did not welcome the NTR district.

On the other hand, it seems that Balayya is likely to meet CM Jagan soon on the Hindupuram district headquarters.But it remains to be seen how Jagan will respond to Balayya’s appeal.

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