Habits That Can Boost Up Your Immune System  

Habits That Can Boost Up Your Immune System -

* Keep smiling.Not just apple, but couple of smiles everyday can keep you way from doctor.

Other emotions like anger, anxiety and depression only make you weak.Flip side, laughter strengthens immunity.

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* Your diet is immaterial if you are not drinking enough water.Drinking enough water keeps your digestive system strong, so that you can properly digest your food.

Enough nutrition is essential to maintain a strong immune system.

* Maintaining hygiene is very important.Self cleanliness is half health.It keeps you away from germs and infections keeping less stress on immunity system.

* Don’t be a pessimist.Be an optimist.Fill your brain with positive thoughts.The more negative you think, the weak you become mentally and physically.Negative thoughts weaken the immunity power.

* Sunlight gives lot of vitamin D, the vitamin that helps promote protective immunity.

Never let vitamin D levels in your blood fall.Keep yourself away from vitamin D deficiency got stronger healing system.

* Eat breakfast without fail and eat something healthy.Prefer taking raw fruits and vegetables in the morning in the form of salad.Getting the nutritional value is important.

* Cut down the intake of sugar.

High sugar levels in blood lead to sudden fall in immunity system.Moreover, high sugar levels compress the beneficiary effects of vitamin C.

* Speaking of vitamin C, it is termed as immunity vitamin.Make eating oranges and lemons a habit.

* Listen to music on regular basis.Music is mood uplifting habit.It gives a sense of pleasant atmosphere and releases good hormones and builds up immunity.

Other habits :

– Morning walk
– Meditation and yoga
– Taking medication only on doctor’s advice
– Spending time with kids
– Limiting antibiotic intake
– Exercising and signing.

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