Gurugram Hospital Successfully Deals With Complicated Pregnancy  

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Gurugram, Oct 28 : A private hospital in Gurugram has successfully managed a complicated pregnancy of a 35-year-old woman, who was suffering from a rare placenta Accreta/Percreta condition. - Gurugram Hospital Successfully Deals With Complicated Pregnancy

The case of this patient was complicated as she had her placenta grown too deeply into the uterine wall and bladder.

Placenta percreta is a rare condition which is seen in 3 in 1,000 pregnancies and is at an increasing trend with rising rates of c-sections.Since the risk with placenta accreta is life threatening, it can only be handled by a skilled gynaecologist.

A team of doctors led by Dr Alka Kriplani from Paras Hospital, Gurugram saved the life of the woman and her baby.

According to the doctor, the patient, Kanchan Bhatia, was brought to the hospital with complaints of vaginal bleeding during the third trimester.

Upon investigation, it was found that she had a rare condition called placenta accreta with invasion into the bladder and lateral pelvic wall.

She was suffering from the last few months and visited many hospitals but they refused to admit her due to severe complications that could have arisen in the case.

“The team of gynaecologists at the hospital took the challenge to manage this rare case.In such cases, the placenta detaches from the uterine wall after childbirth.

With a placenta accrete part or the entire placenta remains attached.This can cause severe blood loss after delivery and even the mother can die just after the delivery.

Placenta accreta is considered a high-risk pregnancy complication,” Dr Kriplani said.

She said the patient was kept in the ICU for a day for observation after the delivery and she did very well in the post-operative period.

“This was an extremely challenging case as such cases need advanced medical care.Since we also have the necessary high-end equipment, we performed this surgery successfully,” Dr Kriplani added