Guntur Jinnah Tower Painted In Tricolor

Guntur Jinnah Tower Painted in Tricolor

The Jinnah Tower controversy has been a hot topic across the state for the past month.Recently the Jinnah Tower dispute was resolved.

 Guntur Jinnah Tower Painted In

The tricolor flag colors were decided to hang on Jinnah Tower.Glitter arrangements were made to paint immediately.

Jinnah painted a tricolor flag over the tower and put an end to the controversy.It is known that Telangana BJP MLA Raja Singh also commented that Jinnah should change the name of the tower, otherwise the tower should not exist.

Guntur East constituency has a large Muslim population.Jinnah Tower also falls under this constituency.But there are also more Hindus.Religious harmony has never been a problem in Guntur.Hindus and Muslims live together.The city has a lot of streets and roads named after Muslim celebrities.

However in some cases like the Kargil war there were some objections in the case of Jinnah Tower with some emotions.They are growing as they come and go.Now BJP leaders are demanding demolition.

The controversy over the Jinnah Tower began a few days ago.BJP leaders have expressed concern over the renaming of the center, which was named after Pakistani leader Jinnah, who was instrumental in the country’s partition, or the removal of the Jinnah Tower.The rush to fly the national flag over Jinnah Tower on Republic Day provoked political outrage.

The ruling YSSR CP has put a check on the efforts being made by the BJP leaders.Not only is the national flag being flown here at Jinnah Tower.

The Guntur Jinnah Tower was recently inspected by MLA Mustafa and Mayor Manohar.The MLA said all parties would be invited during the hoisting of the national flag.

He said the government would work for development without looking at caste and religion.Locals say it is auspicious to find a solution to the Jinnah Tower issue at a time when religions are going into conflict.

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Guntur Jinnah Tower Painted In Tricolor - Telugu Guntur, Telugu, Tricolor #Shorts

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