Who edited the final copy of Khaidi No.150?     2017-01-05   22:07:28  IST  Raghu V

The official editor of Khaidi No 150 is Gowtham Raju. Being one of the senior most editors we have in Telugu film industry, Gowtham Raju would have definitely handled the film pretty well and crispy. But interestingly, he is not the one who decided the final cut along with Vinayak. It’s Megastar Chiranjeevi who looked after the final cut, if reports are to be believed.

Not Vinayak but Chiranjeevi handled the editing work of Khaidi No 150. You heard that Comedian Pridhvi’s scenes have been chopped. It was Chiranjeevi who edited them and also reduced the comic portion including scenes on Brahmanandam.

Clearly, Chiranjeevi wanted the film to look more emotional and less entertaining in order to maintain the tone of the movie. That’s how an actor 149 films would think right ? Yes, sticking honestly to the content is important. Let’s wait and see how good our Megastar has shaped up the final copy. The film is releasing on 11th January.