Gopuram -Telugu TV Channel Show/Serial Anchor,Actress,Timings

Gopuram religious Program Telecasted in Zee Telugu Hosted By Renowned Astrologer Mrs.Dr.Sandhya Lakshmi Who Enlights the Viewers With Religious rituals, and traditions.

  • Renowned astrologer Sandya Lakshmi in the show discusses about various aspects of astrology,festivals etc.
  • She explains importance of various telugu festivals,Temples and every day horoscope.She talks about the importance of various topics that it has impacts on our daily lives.
  • Gopuram Show Starts with Devotional Song ‘Archana’ and then explains importance of every day topic/festivals and how to perform poojas in ‘Shastriyam’, Gopuram show ends with ‘Mantrabalam’ in which Dr Sandhya Lakshmi explains mantras related to topic covered in each day.
  • Astrologer Mrs.Dr.Sandhya Lakshmi also hosts another show Subhamasthu in ZEE Telugu in which Dr Sandhya Lakshmi gives the answers based on the questions asked by people regarding vasthu and astrology.Famous astrologer Dr Sandya Lakshmi is the first Telugu Women who got doctorate in astrology
  • How to Register To Ask Questions in Subhamasthu:Viewers can contact Dr Sandya Lakshmi at phone numbers 505101063,1255563 and register to ask questions related to astrology by providing name,date of birth and rashi,nakshatram and question.

  • Show Name : Gopuram

  • Gopuram Channel : ZEE TV

  • Gopuram Show Time : Mon – Wed, 09:00 AM

  • Gopuram Host: Dr Sandya Lakshmi