Goa Dentists Stage Protest At Nadda Function

Panaji, Nov 24, : Private dentists in Goa Staged a protest wearing arm-bands of black late Wednesday at a party chaired J.P.Nadda over a recent increase in bio-medical waste disposal fees.
After staging the protest at Nadda’s event in a city hotel, Dr.Anil Da Silva, a member Indian Dental Association, Goa, stated that the recent hike was not justified and that the protest was meant to bring it to the attention of the government.

 Goa Dentists Stage Protest At Nadda Function-TeluguStop.com

“Injustice has been done our fraternity in regards to the price hike for biomedical waste along with other issues.He said that dentists were placed in an unlogical category that considers that we produce far less biomedical waste than we actually do.

D’Silva stated that dentists were previously paid the same as general practitioners for bio-medical waste collection.

“Biotech waste from Delhi, the new service provider, has recently been awarded the contract.We were randomly assigned to a higher category.” He stated that the change in category led to a substantial increase in our applicable fees.We now have to pay what is equivalent of a 10-bed hospital.

“The average cost of biomedical refuse collection in other states is Rs 600 per mois.” He also stated that Goa costs Rs 1,800 plus taxes.

The dentists’ protest came at a moment when Pramod Sawant, Chief Minister, and top state BJP functionaries as well as government ministers, including Vishwajit Rane, was present at the function.Nadda was due to interact with state medical professionals during the function.

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