GHMC Polls: People Blame Covid, Media Blames People  

GHMC records less polling percentage as most people fear about Corona Virus. - Ghmc Polls: People Blame Covid, Media Blames People

GHMC polls are a big disappointment if we consider polling percentage.

The turnout of Hyderabadis is as low as the previous elections, and the people of Hyderabad have become a part of trolling for many social media enthusiasts.Several memes are circulating on the Internet over the laziness of Hyderabadi voters. - GHMC Polls: People Blame Covid, Media Blames People-General-English-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

Especially the napping of polling booth authorities, due to no voters at the polling station, has caught the nation-wide trolling.It has hit the headlines on Wednesday, and several media blamed Hyderabadis for their negligence and laziness.

However, many Hyderabadis expressed their fear over Corona Virus.Accordingly, many people have also moved to their hometowns due to lack of job during the pandemic.

Consequently, several cannot turn out for GHMC Polling as the Covid-19 scare is still present everywhere.Nevertheless, many people are pointing fingers at the Hyderabadis as they have a valid reason.

Hyderabadis have also in the list where huge crowds appeared at several wine shops during the pandemic.No one has cared about Covid-19 at that time.

Now, when lakhs of people needed for a better Corporator, most of them have skipped citing Covid-19 scare.

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