Germany To Have A ‘traffic Light” Government Under The Leadership Of SPD’s Scholz

London, Nov 24, : The end of the Angela Merkel era in Germany was signalled by the Social Democratic Party (SDP), who had defeated her Christian Democratic Union in September 26 elections.It announced Wednesday that it would lead a new coalition government.

 Germany To Have A ‘traffic Light” Government Under The Leadership Of Spd’s

The primary focus will be on the transition to a sustainable economy.
According to the BBC, Olaf Scholz, the SPD leader, announced a deal with Greens and Free Democrats.He will be the new Chancellor.

Scholz, who was Merkel’s Vice-Chancellor for a long time, noted that the ranks and files of the three parties had to approve what was referred to as their “traffic light” coalition.

This was due to the parties’ red, green, and yellow colours.

The coalition deal includes measures to address climate change.

The parties aim to eliminate coal use by 2030, eighteen years ahead of schedule.They also plan to use 2 percent of the country’s land for wind power and to focus on hydrogen-based energy.

The parties want to see 80 percent of electricity sourced from renewable energy by 2030 and 15 million electric vehicles on German roads by 2030.

Scholz addressed a news conference and stated that “sovereignty in Europe is a cornerstone for our foreign policy”.

He also highlighted Germany’s friendship with France as well as its partnership with the USA.

Annalena Baerbock of the Greens, who led her party’s strongest showings, stated that “We can transform [our economy] so it becomes climate neutral.” We have reached an agreement in which climate neutrality is a common factor.

She will likely be the Foreign Minister in the new government.

Robert Habeck, her Greens leader, will take over as Vice Chancellor and oversee the energy transition.

Christian Lindner, a leader of the Free Democrats, is being considered for the role of Finance Minister.

Scholz’s party won 206 seats in the 735 member Bundestag.This was slightly more than Merkel’s (196) party.

The Greens got 118, and the Free Democrats got 92.The right-leaning AfD received 83.

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