Geological Survey Of India Officials To Check TN Village Over Tremors

Chennai, Dec 26 : Officials from the Geological Survey of India (GSI) Officials will conduct a detailed check in the Perampet village of Tamil Nadu’s Vellore district where mild Tremors have occurred since December 21.

 Geological Survey Of India Officials To Check Tn Village Over

On Saturday, the Tremors were stronger which led to cracks on several mud huts.

Addressing mediapersons, Vellore district revenue officer, K.Ramamoorthy who visited the site on Saturday, said: “Villagers said that mild Tremors were taking place in the area since December 21.However, on Saturday Tremors took place between 1 p.m.and 4 p.m.that led to cracks in the walls of around 12 mud huts.”

He said that the district authorities have already informed the GSI Officials for further testing of the area and ascertain the cause of the temblors.

With no quarries in and around Perampet, the district revenue officers have ruled out the possibilities of blasts causing the tremors.

Speaking to reporters, L.Swaminathan, a farmer from Perampet village, said: “The district authorities reached here on Saturday and said that GSI Officials would be informed and we are expecting the GSI authorities and scientists to provide proper informationAon these recurring Tremors and whether the danger quotient is high.”


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