Geetha Arts Releases ‘Jallikattu’ For Telugu Audience  

Geetha Arts Releases ‘Jallikattu’ For Telugu Audience - Telugu @geethaarts, @mrinvicible, Alluarjun, Allusirish, Geetha Arts, , Jallikattu Movie, Jallikattu Telugu Movie, Malayalam Film

The top Telugu production house, Geetha Arts has bought the dubbing rights and it is streaming now on AHA. - Geetha Arts Releases ‘jallikattu’ For Telugu Audience

Malayalam Film Industry is very well known for its story-driven and performance highlighted films.Several film critics opine that most acclaimed films come from Malayalam due to its unique way of storytelling.One such film had created waves in Film fraternity last year, and that is, Jallikattu.

Lijo Jose Pellissery directorial Jallikattu has an in-depth message that concludes humans are returning to the primitive stage with unkindness, selfishness, and egotism.The story revolves around an absconded buffalo for which the entire village tries to nab it for its meat. - Geetha Arts Releases ‘Jallikattu’ For Telugu Audience-General-English-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

It won several accolades in Best Direction, Best Cinematography, Best Editing and Best Sound effects at the International film festivals.

After its widespread acclaim, Jallikattu is all set to entertain the Telugu audience, not in theatres, but on an OTT.Renowned Telugu production company Geetha Arts acquired the dubbing rights and recently released it on AHA platform.Reportedly, the film has got a good talk from the Telugu audience as well.

Check out if you haven’t watched this 1 hr 35 min independent action film.

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