Gang rape & Murder on Women’s day at CBN’S Place     2015-03-08   07:00:31  IST  Raghu V

Another ghastly rape incident took place in Andhra Pradesh. A 18-year-old girl from Chittor district was gang raped by four people who later killed her and dumped her body.The body was spotted by some farmers behind some bushes. The incident was happened near Kalvakunta of Penumuru mandal, 15 km from Chittor.

The girl is reportedly 18 years old and hails from Dalit community. She lost her parents at a tender age and she come under the care of her distant relatives in Kalvakunta. She was a goat keeper and she left with livestock for a forest fringe area near the Penumuru-Chittoor road in the morning but did not return.

She was reportedly gangraped by four persons and later killed by crushing her neck. The girl’s body was found by some farmers near the banks of Neeva river.AP CM Chandrababu naidu expressed grief over the incident and ordered officials for quick action. He announced five lakhs financial assistance to the victim family and assured justice for them.

The incident was happened on the woman day and it shows how badly women were treated in present Indian society.