Gagan Dev Riar Turned Wardrobe Mishap Into Telgi\'s Signature Move For ‘scam 2003’

Gagan Dev Riar turned wardrobe mishap into Telgi’s signature move for ‘Scam 2003’

Mumbai, Sep 18 : Actor Gagan Dev Riar, who is receiving a lot of positive response for his work in the recently released streaming series, ‘Scam 2003: The Telgi Story’, has shared that pulling up his pants during the course of the series is a character trait that happened by accident.

 Gagan Dev Riar Turned Wardrobe Mishap Into Telgi's Signature Move For ‘scam

For the show, Gagan put on extra pounds to lend authenticity to his titular character of the Indian counterfeiter Abdul Karim Telgi.

While filming, the director noticed that Gagan’s pants seemed a bit loose, and he even thought of it to be a wardrobe malfunction.But the truth is far more interesting.

The extra pounds packed on for the role caused his pants to constantly slide down during filming.The actor then decided to turn this mishap into Telgi’s signature move, constantly pulling up those rebellious trousers in scenes.

Talking about the same, Gagan said: “Due to my fluctuating weight, there were moments when my pants would unexpectedly slip down, occasionally interrupting a scene.Over time, I decided to incorporate it into an intense scene, and to my surprise, the director gave me a nod of approval, recognising it as a unique addition to the character’s personality.”

“That’s how Telgi’s signature move was born, and I’m surprised how this quirky element which got added to the role is largely being appreciated by the audience,” he added.

‘Scam 2003: The Telgi Story’, produced by Applause Entertainment, is streaming on Sony LIV.



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