Friends mom rapes 16 year old boy     2015-04-02   05:19:28  IST  Raghu V

An unusual rape incident was reported from Mumbai. Parents of a 16-years old boy approached the RCF police station in Chembur alleging that their son’s friend’s mother raped the boy after making him unconscious by offering soft drinks.

They alleged that the lady also clicked video of their act and used to threatened him to continue physical relationship with her. According to a report , the teenager gone to meet his best friend in Chembur, Mumbai, where his friend’s mother spiked his soft drink which made him lose consciousness, stripped him, forced herself upon him and recorded the act.

The RCF police have recorded the statement of the parents, victim boy who is studying in SSC and registered FIR against the woman. In the complaint victim said that it all started last year when he went to meet his friend. While his friend was not at home, his mother invited him in and offered him some drink which was spiked.

Then she forced herself on him and had physical relation and she also video recorded the scene on her cell phone. He said that than she often used to threatened him with the video and used to force him to have sex with her. The shocked RCF police have opened a preliminary enquiry into the matter.