Fresh Threats To Mukesh Ambani Family, Mumbai Cops Probing

New threats are made against Mukesh Ambani’s family Mumbai police are probing

Mumbai 15th August : Mumbai, Aug 15 : Mumbai Police are investigating death Threats made to a billionaire industrialists and relatives, police said on Monday.
According to an official the Threats were made in numerous phone calls made from the Sir H.N.Reliance Foundation Hospital in south Mumbai on Monday.

 Fresh Threats To Mukesh Ambani Family, Mumbai Cops

The hospital’s authorities have reported the incident to the police in the area department, who are filing an investigation and submitting a complaint.

It’s the second time in just 18 months that the family of Ambani is targeted.The first time was in February 2021, when an SUV with 20 gelatin sticks as well as an affidavit was discovered abandoned near the home of the family Antilia.