For The Children, By The Children

For the children, by the children

New Delhi, Feb 12 : Entirely conceptualised with children from 10 government schools in Ambedkar Nagar, Tigri and Khanpur areas of New Delhi, the Kalakriti Arts Festival (KAF) to be held on February 12 and 13 is a two-day visual delight with art installations, artful corners, exhibitions, interactive spaces and performances by students.

 For The Children, By The

The festival is unique, and a first-of-its-kind community arts festival dedicated to making the community experience the power of art firsthand.

NalandaWay Foundation through KAF, brings together artworks, theatre, music and dance performances to the community at large.

For the festival, children from different schools came together with 15 artists of NalandaWay to create large art installations, and expressive performances over the last year.

While the event is the culmination of artful sessions over a short period, NalandaWay Foundation intends to flag off the idea of celebrating community ‘arts fest’ on a continuum, thereby celebrating arts with, for and within the community.

‘Kalakriti’ which is also the name of the ‘NalandaWay Arts’ and Learning Centre’ situated in that area, has been offering arts, music, well-being and other life-skills sessions to children, adolescents and youth in the area over the past few years.

The foundation will also offer workshops, training and resources that are planned for children, adolescents, mothers, and others in the community.

The vision of the Kalakriti festival and the centre is to use the power of arts to enhance coping skills from anxieties, stress, and building resilience among children and youth.

During the two-day festival, audiences and the community can witness children’s artworks, spanning multiple art installations, engage in interactive spaces and art productions and experience arts up close.

The festival is accessible to all, open to community members, parents especially- to immerse, appreciate and indulge in arts- and relive the creative freedom that art offers.

Sriram Ayer, Founder and CEO of NalandaWay Foundation said: “Kalakriti has been envisioned as a gathering place for children and adolescents to learn the arts, express their fears, joys and dreams through the arts, and build hope and resilience.It is also a safe space for them to share their anxieties with their peers and seek help.”



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