Foods That A Breastfeeding Mother Should Not Eat

When a new Mother is breastfeeding her child, she shouldn’t just take care of herself, but should be well aware of the fact that she is feeding her child only from what ever she is eating.So, she should plan her diet according to the status of her child.

 Foods That A Breastfeeding Mother Should Not

What to include in your diet while breastfeeding ? This is a popular question and you would already know what should be included.But what should be excluded from the diet when you are breastfeeding child ? Know here.

* We know, in India not many women smoke or drink.But if you fall in the category of those rare women, do leave the habit of smoking and drinking​ for some months at least after delivery.

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Cigarette has loads of toxins which could harm your little one without any mercy.Even alcohol isn’t healthy for the child’s metabolism.

Exclude these two keeping your child’s health in mind.

* Better avoid high fat diary products.Many children don’t feel them good.There are cases of skin allergies, where a Mother is taking high fat diary products and feeding milk to her child.

* This point could really surprise you but we can’t change a scientific fact.Even wheat is not a great good when you are feeding a baby.It’s​ because of the component Gluten which can cause fussiness and stomach ache in some children.If this is the case with your child, do exclude wheat from your diet.

* Even this point my will surprise you, again.Fish is not a great food for new born.It’s because of the high Mercury content which would show unexpected affects on child’s brain and nervous system.

* Avoid Coffee and Chocolate.

A baby cannot digest caffeine content Foods, even it is given via milk.A child receives what Mother eats or drinks.

No matter even if you are coffee lover, keep yourself miles away from a coffee cup and a chocolate byte.

* Avoid peppermint, high sodium Foods, spicy Foods, soda, oily Foods and also high fat foods.