Fm Participates In ‘halwa’ Ceremony To Mark Final Stage Of Budget Preparations

FM participates in ‘Halwa’ ceremony to mark final stage of budget preparations

New Delhi, Jan 26 : Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and two junior ministers Bhagwat Karad and Pankaj Chaudhary along with senior officials of the finance ministry as well as members of budget press on Thursday participated in the ‘Halwa’ ceremony, which marks the final stage of budget preparations.

 Fm Participates In ‘halwa’ Ceremony To Mark Final Stage Of Budget

The ceremony was held within North Block premises, which houses the finance ministry.

A customary Halwa ceremony is performed every year before the ‘lock-in’ process of budget preparation begins.

Like the previous two budgets, Union budget 2023-24 will also be delivered in paperless form.

Sitharaman will present the Union budget 2023-24 on February 1, 2023.

All the 14 budget documents, including the annual financial statement (commonly known as budget), demand for grants (DG) and the finance bill as prescribed by the Constitution, will be available on the ‘Union Budget Mobile App’ for hassle-free access of budget documents by MPs and the general public, using the simplest form of digital convenience #icipates #Halwa #ceremony #stage #budget #Telugu #TeluguStop #Delhi # Nirmala Sitharaman #Jan #Delhi #New Delhi #Sitharaman


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