Fishermen Using The Latest Technique To Fish There Fish, Fishing, Latest News, New Technology

There have been many changes in the last decade.Technology has skyrocketed.

 Fishermen Using The Latest Technique To Fish There Fish, Fishing, Latest News, New

The whole thing is now running along with increased technology.

Even in such a case some of those who believed in the aristocracy would lose their jobs.

There have also been instances where many have already left them with this.However, no matter how much technology has come, one profession has not forgotten their profession.

The same fishing profession.They are further enhancing their caste by using technology.Although new methods of fishing have become available.

If you want to fish in the sea, you must not cast a net.Some Fishermen even go out at night to fish in the oceans for fish.Think of it as a little advance, though.

Light is used as bait to catch fish in the river.That policy is now being followed by Fishermen at sea as well.

There are many Fishermen from Kakinada and Uppada in Andhra Pradesh.

They continue their life believing in their caste.Go hunting into the sea.If they catch and sell fish, their stomachs will run out.

However.Fishermen who go fishing face some difficulties during the night.

Usually, Fishermen stop their boat engine, set nets and go fishing when they go hunting.

But, at present the opposite is happening near Kakinada and Uppada areas.

With fires coming in at oil extraction rigs set up in the ocean.The fish are going in the direction that the light is coming from.

This stops the engines and catches the fish so that the Fishermen do not catch the fish.This allows Fishermen to stay close to the rigs and turn on the lights on their boats.As the fish came into the light they were galloping and fishing \n\n Read More 👉👉https:/ #TeluguRythu #TeluguFarming #Telugu Channel:Telugu Rythu