First Single ‘Maaye Chesey’ From Telugu Film Devil Set To Release On That Date

First Single ‘Maaye Chesey’ from Telugu Film Devil Set to Release on That Date

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram is known for picking unique movie scripts from the beginning of his career, and now he’s about to bring us another exciting film.

 First Single ‘maaye Chesey’ From Telugu Film Devil Set To Release

His upcoming movie, titled “Devil,” features a British Secret Agent as the main character, promising intense action.The recent teaser has generated a lot of buzz among fans, and now they are eagerly awaiting the film’s enchanting music.“Devil” is set to hit theaters on November 24, 2023.The first single from the movie, “Maaye Chesey,” sung by the renowned Sid Sriram and penned by Satya RV, will drop on September 19.The song, composed by Harshavardhan Rameshwar, is expected to resonate deeply with the audience, offering an emotionally immersive experience.

“Devil” is presented by Devansh Nama, with both production and direction under the guidance of Abhishek Nama, part of the Abhishek Pictures banner.The movie’s storyline, screenplay, and dialogues are crafted by Srikanth Vissa.

In this movie, Kalyan Ram is paired with lead actress Samyuktha Menon.

Initially, there were rumors of creative disagreements between director Naveen Medaram and the producer during the early stages of filming.

This led to Naveen Medaram’s unexpected departure from the project, with Abhishek Nama stepping in as a replacement.Notably, the initial posters didn’t mention Abhishek’s name, but the latest poster explicitly states that he is now both the producer and director.

Naveen Medaram indirectly addressed the ongoing controversy by sharing the Sanskrit adage ‘Vinashakale Vipareethi Buddhi’ on his Instagram story.This phrase suggests that when one’s downfall approaches, their thinking becomes irrational.While Naveen didn’t directly mention the film, it’s evident that his post refers to Abhishek Nama.With “Devil” slated for release on November 24, it remains to be seen if the producer or the cast will address this controversy during promotional activities or pre-release events.