First Look And Motion Poster Of Right Starring Bigg Boss Kaushal Manda Released By Victory Venka

Kaushal Manda and Leesha Eclairs will play the lead roles in the suspense thriller "Right" directed by Shankar and co-produced by Mahankali Divakar and Lukalapu Madhu under the banner of Mahankali Movies.It is a remake of the hit Malayalam movie 'Memories' directed by Jeetu Joseph.

 First Look And Motion Poster Of Right Starring Bigg Boss Kaushal Manda Released By Victory

The first poster and motion poster of the film have been released by Victory Venkatesh.

Speaking on the occasion Victory Venkatesh said, “Wright, starring Kaushal, is very happy to release the first look poster and motion poster.

Jeetu Joseph provided the story for the film.The Wright film starring Kaushal after Bigg Boss should be a good success.

The motion poster is nice.Kaushal wants the film to be a success.".Hero Kaushal Manda said “I did this movie after Bigg Boss won.

I have been waiting for a long time to release my first look poster with Venkatesh Gari, it is too late due to Corona.Now my wish has come true.

Venkatesh is very happy to release my movie poster.

This movie is a remake of Jeetu Joseph Gary Memories movie.It's a suspense thriller, and I'll see how you all look at me.All of you will definitely like this movie.

Will be released in theaters soon.When I was in Bigg Boss, all the Telugu audience supported me and made me a winner.

As a mark of all of you I have tattooed close to my heart.

I wish your love fans would always be with me, as well as bless me by looking at my right picture.

Thanks to my producers Divakar and Madhu of the world for giving me any opportunity.The film is being directed by Shankar, who has 40 years of experience in every craft.

Our producer Divakar helped Sanjeevi with millions of people on behalf of the blood bank.I like charity.

I will be a companion to every good deed of Divakar Gary.

Top Technicians are working on the film Producer Mahankali Divakar says, “Kaushal is acting as a hero for the first time after the success of Bigg Boss.

My thanks to Victory Venkatesh for releasing the first look of this film.The shooting is all over.

Is busy with post production work.We will release it soon.".Producer Lukalapu Madhu says, "Victory Venkatesh has released the first poster of our Right Movie, Motion Poster.

Our thanks to them.Kaushal played the hero in this movie after Bigg Boss.The story is great.

Good luck.".Movie Name: Right Banner: Mahankali Movies Starring: Kaushal Manda, Leesha Eclairs, 30 Years Prithvi, Amani, Muktar Khan, etc.Music Director: Vijay Kurakula, Camera Man: EV Prasad, Fights: Dragon Prakash, Editor : Tirupati Reddy, PRO: Paul Pawan, Co-Director: Raghu Vardhan, Bhikshu, Director: Shankar, Producers: Mahankali Divakar and Lukalapu Madhu – telugu-title:విక్టరీ వెంకటేష్ చేతుల మీదుగా బిగ్ బాస్ కౌశల్ మండ నటించిన “రైట్” చిత్రం ఫస్ట్ లుక్ మరియు మోషన్ పోస్టర్ విడుదల Read More 👉👉https:/ – Telugu Movies #TeluguMovie #Tollywood #TollywoodNews #TeluguMovieNews #Telugu #TeluguStop | Movie #Telugu #TeluguStop #Venkatesh #Vijay #Madhu #Shankar #BiggBoss #Amani #KaushalManda #LeishaEclairs #MuktarKhan #Prithvi #RightMovie #Tollywood #Movie #TeluguNewsVideos Channel:Telugu Movies


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