Filmy Attack On RGV: Sold Blue-Films Before ‘Siva’?  

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A new Film maker’s bold satire on RGV grabs attention.

Filmy Attack On Rgv: Sold Blue-films Before ‘siva’?

Ram Gopal Varma has a unique talent, or we can say obsessive nature of creating controversy and cash upon it.Though he has 10s and 20s of flops, he would able to pull up the crowd for his next film.For quite some time it has been disregarded, but now it seems a few sections in the Telugu film industry are not going to let him again.

After he made a satire on Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan with the ATT film ‘Powerstar’ couple of corrivals have come up with the same strategy on RGV.

Filmy Attack On RGV: Sold Blue-Films Before ‘Siva’-General-English-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image

Already there has been a satirical movie, ‘Parannajeevi’, about RGV on YouTube and ‘Derababa’ is on the sets.Now a new film is being made as ‘Rod Gopal Varma’.  Recently the first look poster of the film is released and right away it is on the target.

In the poster, a man identical to RGV has seen naked sitting in front of the police.Looks like the makers are planning the movie as a series and it captioned ‘Chapter 1- Before Siva’.

Also, the first look is depicted in a newspaper cutting which has a statement in local Telugu language saying “Panjagutta police have arrested a man selling Blue films”

Giving its bold take over RGV, the poster has instantly connected to a few sections in Tollywood.The film is being directed by KS Mani and a trailer will be releasing soon.Stay tuned!


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